In Switzerland, the five iron errors in university medicine were identified and corrected: The following five claims of the university textbooks are not correct – the opposite is true.

  1. Iron deficiency only manifests itself in anaemia
  2. Women would need less iron than men
  3. A ferritin value of 15 ng/ml is enough for all people to be healthy.
  4. Only an extraordinarily strong menstruation can lead to iron deficiency.
  5. Iron tablets are therapeutically effective

These five errors, printed in all textbooks and taught in the lecture halls, have led doctors and patients to be hoodwinked and are still being hoodwinked. As a result, iron deficiency patients are often unnecessarily diagnosed and ultimately wrongly treated or even psychiatrised – for a high price. Because of these learned mistakes, half of humanity suffers from iron deficiency – mainly women and children. Instead of the iron deficiency pandemic being treated effectively, it has been abused as a business model for decades!

Thank God that has changed in Switzerland. Since the discovery of the errors (Iron Code), over one million women with iron deficiency have been treated in Switzerland with the help of over ten thousand doctors and Swiss hospitals. Health insurance companies have been paying for this necessary therapy since 1998.

Switzerland is a global iron pioneer.