Swiss government

Iron therapy has become widespread in this country over the last few years. Health insurance companies pay for iron therapy because it is effective, expedient and economical, as SIHO and the Swiss Medical Board have proven.

The situation abroad is different. There this successful therapy is not offered, because no educational work has yet taken place and therefore iron deficiency is still taboo.

The Swiss government would have every reason to be proud of its women and doctors who, in years of pioneering work, have jointly introduced the successful iron therapy, which has now proven itself nationwide and would do half the world good. Instead, Bern has been questioning the Swiss iron movement, which is fighting for women’s health, since 2015. The iron movement triggered by the Iron Code has resulted in more than ten thousand Swiss doctors and all clinics giving iron infusions. As a result, more than one million iron deficiency patients have already been successfully treated in Switzerland. This is already more than half of all Swiss iron deficiency patients. And health insurance companies have been paying for iron deficiency for over twenty years. Successful iron therapy helps to avoid unnecessary clarifications, incorrect treatment, incorrect psychiatry and unnecessary absenteeism, which results in many savings in the health system.

Instead of being proud of its Swiss pioneers, the Swiss government decided in 2015 to combat iron therapy for women. It wants to abolish the statutory health insurance obligation that has been in place for twenty years. That would be an undeserved slap in the face for women. They can’t help their menstruation. That is why Federal Councillor Alain Berset was contacted by SIHO in October. And that is why Swiss television informed the country on 19 November 2018. It is not permissible for women to have to pay for their iron therapy themselves in future.

In principle, men should not be allowed to make such a drastic decision against women at the green table. It is about women’s health. Women need as much iron as men to be healthy. That is why there is the SIHO, which fights for it. SIHO is fighting for health insurance companies to continue to pay for iron therapy because it is effective, practical and economical – healthier women for lower costs. Gentlemen, take a step back from the green table. Let the women step forward and decide what is good for them!  Thanks to their doctors, Swiss women feel and know exactly when they need iron again. Doctors and patients must have the power to decide, and not the Swiss government! In our Swiss democracy, we do not allow a planned economy that is hostile to women.

If the Federal Council wants to know who is right, it should finally carry out a long overdue double-blind study including placebo or at least a referendum on the question: Do women really need as much iron as men, as SIHO claims? Or is the WHO right with its globalised restrictive regulation that a ferritin value of 15 ng/ml must be sufficient for all women, while it is over 100 for men?

Why do the WHO, the Swiss government and, more recently, the University of Zurich push for a limitation? Is there some kind of conspiracy against women here? If limitation were introduced, it would be a frontal attack on women’s health. Women would have to pay for the iron therapy they need themselves, even though they can’t help their menstruation. SIHO protests.

2019 will be the decisive year for Swiss women. Then Helvetia will judge them.