The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO, founded in Switzerland in 2007, researches iron deficiency, makes it possible to make use of the results, trains doctors and carries out a quality control of iron therapy. SIHO is the representative of the iron-giving doctors and iron-needy iron deficiency patients.

SIHO is a medical association with the following goal: iron deficiency patients should be diagnosed and treated in time.  This not only results in healthier women for lower costs, but also equality between the sexes.

SIHO began its fight against the Swiss government in 2015. At that time Bern informed us that the importance of menstruation as a cause of iron deficiency and the necessary iron therapy were officially questioned and reviewed at the highest level. And this even though an HTA of the Swiss Medical Board was already able to prove in 2014 that iron infusions make sense and meet the WZW criteria (effectiveness, expediency and cost-effectiveness). Bern wants to prohibit health insurance companies in future from paying women for the iron therapy they need.

Such a misogynistic intention has no place in Swiss democracy. SIHO therefore sent an e-mail to the Federal President in October 2018.