Iron Code

The Iron Code has realized:

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half of humanity suffers from iron deficiency, especially women and children.
  • These people are not being treated because doctors are depriving them of the iron they need – except in Switzerland.
  • The problem lies in the misleading and inadequate training provided by university medicine, which teaches the untruth of iron diagnosis and iron therapy worldwide. This means that doctors cannot diagnose iron deficiency patients, let alone treat them.
  • The Iron Code has exposed and corrected these errors in Switzerland.
  • Women and children need as much iron as men to be healthy. But they have eight times less on board, so it is YOU who suffer from the typical complaints.
  • If you give it directly to their veins, most of them will become healthy.
  • The Swiss doctors will show you how. The tool for this is the Swiss Iron System SIS.

The Iron Code is also the individual dosage for iron therapy: 1152

In the new book by Dr. Beat Schaub, the whole topic is presented in easily understandable language: “Streitfrage Eisenmangel” – healthier women for lower costs