Iron Alarm

The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO sounds the alarm.

First Iron Alarm: Almost half of humanity suffers from an iron deficiency and the majority is left in this state due to incorrect training of doctors. Typical symptoms are: Conditions of exhaustion, concentration disorders, ADD, listlessness to depressive mood, sleep disorders, dizziness, neck tension, headaches, hair loss, nail brittleness or anaemia.

Second Iron Alarm: The iron deficiency pandemic does not have to be. The treatment of iron deficiency is very effective. You only have to educate the doctors and patients first and train the doctors properly. The Swiss medical profession has learned iron therapy and gives its iron deficiency patients the missing iron – unlike abroad. Women (because of their menstruation) and children (because of their growth) are particularly affected. They need as much iron as men to be healthy, but have eight times less iron on board. This is why iron infusions are needed for those who suffer from the typical symptoms of low Ferritin levels.

Third Iron Alarm: The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the University of Zurich have also heard the iron alarm, but are still fighting the “Swiss Iron Movement”. Since 2015, the FOPH has even been examining the importance of menstruation as a cause of iron deficiency and the need for iron therapy introduced in Switzerland. The aim of the FOPH is to abolish the statutory health insurance obligation for iron therapy in 2019. That would be an unearned slap in the face for women – they cannot help their menstruation. SIHO and the Swiss Iron League are working to ensure that the compulsory health insurance for iron therapy is maintained. The Swiss health insurance funds have been a global role model in the iron issue to date, have been paying for intravenous iron therapy for 20 years and are thus supporting the necessary equality. The topic was controversially discussed on Swiss television in November 2018.

Fourth Iron Alarm: Recently there have even been professors who have publicly opposed women as iron opponents.

The book “Streitfrage Eisenmangel” (Iron deficiency as a controversial issue) clarifies the matter.